About Us

Bringing bone broth for the first time in India. We at Broth Craft are driven by a passion for health. It is through this passion that we make the most nutritious and delicious bone broth possible.

Our broth is made from a traditional recipe passed on through the ages in our family including Bones married with homemade spices, hand made and slowly simmered for eternity. Cherish the flavour as is or infuse it in other drop-dead-delicious recipes. The Broth Craft creation is a foundation of health, taste and soulful goodness.

Who we are

With things being the way they are, and a lack of gourmet food options, we’re a bunch of fanatical foodies who decided to step back into our kitchens at home and stir up the delicious liquid gold that is our special bone broth recipe. It’s simplicity in usage, combined with the depth of flavour it adds to any dish, and the many health benefits it brings to the table, inspired us to rekindle the love for this magical elixir. We hope you love it as much as we do, and discover new ways to embrace it into your daily diet!