Why It's Awesome

Diet & Weight Loss

Bone broth contains several amino acids that boost nutrient metabolism & improve antioxidant efficiency . It can even reduce appearance of cellulite

Digestion & Leaky Gut

Collagen & gelatin are vital proteins found in bone broth required to build and repair the GI tract lining , heal leaky gut & reduce food sensitivities


Glutathione is one of the most potent detoxifying agents that help cleanse the liver & digestive system from overexposure to environmental toxins

Immune System

The nutrients in bone broth maintain a balanced bacterial environment in the gastrointestinal(GI) system & provide defence against autoimmune diseases

Hair , Skin & Nails

Collagen helps form connective tissue enhancing the elasticity, moisture, smoothness & youthful appearance of skin. It also supports healthy hair & nail growth

Arthritis & Joint Pain

Bone broth supplies the both with glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate & gelatin which support joint flexibility, connective tissue, & cartilage restoration

Energy & Recovery

Bone broth enhance energy levels by helping convert glucose into usable energy.

Inflammation & Anti-Aging

Bone broth reduces bodily inflammation helping eliminate chronic joint pain, boosting cell rejuvenation & slowing the body's natural aging process

Tooth & Bones

Healthy teeth & bone formation require a constant supply of nutrients. Bone broth increase collagen synthesis enhancing bone mineral density & dental health

Mood & Cognition

Optimal gut health ensures stable communication between our digestive system & brain. Bone broth improves mood, mental clarity & supports neurotransmission


Pandemic comes with a paradox..nutrient rich diet is must at the same time going out is not safe..so the buck stops at Broth Craft!! Happened to savor the broth..amazing taste sans the baggage it brings(stinky Bone smell, tasteless etc) and discovered that this is a perfect replacement for our desi paya.

Kumar Gambhir (Hyderabad)

I ordered from Brothcraft @Hyderabad today and man, what a discovery!!! The bottle full of healthy goodness was delivered to me in a day in a cute lil reusable bottle. The broth tasted delicious and was freshly cooked.. never knew healthy food could taste so yum! Definitely gonna order soon again and recommend to my health conscious friends.

Anuja Nath (Hyderabad)

Bone Broth by Brothcraft. A nutritious, healthy drink for ardent Gym goers, athletes, runners and bycyclists. I thoroughly enjoyed sipping the broth this morning after breakfast.

Prashant Gurjar (Nagpur)

I had ordered it for the first time and I enjoyed its freshness and purity. Absolute recommendation for health benefits.

Dr Soma Sharma (Nagpur)

prompt delivery and absolutely yummylicious preparation.i highly recommend "broth crafts" broth to people looking for delicious option of boosting immunity and recovery.

Ashieem M (Nagpur)

By far the best Broth just like homemade 👏👏👏

Amulya Reddy (Hyderabad)




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